Lal Bahadur Singh

Lal Bahadur Singh was born in 1985 in Uttar Pradesh. He is a young contemporary Indian artist. The artist studied art in the traditional Guru Shishya Parampara at his native place in Gazipur for three years before shifting his base to Delhi and doing his bachelor’s and then master’s degree in fine art from the College of Art in Delhi. His paintings reflect his early upbringing and the environment of Gazipur. The artist focuses on Indian villages which can be seen in the background of his paintings. The tree acts as a central image in most of his paintings along with the image of a cow, bull and birds.The characterization of the urban spaces through glimpses of urban living spaces, but devoid of humans themselves, is unique to his paintings. He is an integral part of 'Nishant Natya Manch' a theatre group that brings home and conveys social messages through street plays and has also been involved in various social relief work and projects for the poor. His work has been exhibited in shows organized by several galleries and held across the city and beyond from where it has been picked up by collectors.