Binoy Varghese

Binoy, born 20th Jan 1966 in Koothattukulam, Kerela has done his National Diploma in Fine Arts, from R.L.V. College of Fine Arts, Kerala.

He is an artist of few words who is adept at expressing his thoughts and concerns through painting. His earlier work included images of saints, churches and other familiar objects as well as self-portraits depicting torment due to violence prevalent in the society. Making a clear departure in his current work which appears more matured and measured, he creates carefully planned compositions in fine imagery though rotating around the same themes. The continuity of thought and basic tenure of the current work is seen to turn more intense and complex in its detailing as his protagonist often a young girl or a child, with an innocent look, smiling and playful, despite having been uprooted from his/her base or home. The accompanying foliage often in the background and occasionally in the foreground helps to soften the blow and make the alien locale appear more acceptable and adaptable. Social issues close to the artist’s heart are some of the fundamental concerns that are recurrently featured in his colourful and picturesque canvases mostly in large format that impart a distinct humane and compassionate oeuvre.

The inspiration and dynamics of his multihued work are derived from photography, cinema and digital media. But the metaphors he uses are the creations of his own mind and not from any resource or library. Indirect references to the surrounding world are retranslated and reframed to speak a different story through his art. Binoy’s ability to draw such a realistic imagery with photo like finish in his drawings and paintings gives his work its distinct look and special appeal. With their wide open eyes, large lips, roundish smiling faces busily engrossed in their own world amidst natural surroundings his people make a strange mix of imagery that has its own charm.  With its trajectory revolving around human concerns and social issues triggered by displacement, migration, rural /urban divide, clash of cultures, gender discrimination and violence, the work seems to engage itself with a longing for peace. The artist makes indirect references to the politics of building lobby and their abject apathy to the work force in today’s new global economy as he laments, “These displaced people are very much needed for the development of the society but the urban population thinks these labor forces from the rural areas are burden to the ever growing population of the metropolitan cities”.

The symbolism in Binoy’s work is derived from natural environment, flora and fauna while his aesthetics have a philosophical base. The artist works laboring in meticulous detail to reformulate and represent hard reality of life guised with fantasy in an appealing demure using pigment to play with emotions. In this series his protagonists are often seen in groups perhaps as a sign of their strong bonding or for moral support while his work in the earlier phase featured a single child or a lonesome women. The focus for the artist however continues to be on the dismal state and the dilemma that migrant work force in our big metros face, as he urges the city dwellers to recognize their existence and I conclude with his remark, “They too have the right for a better living and education”. This young artist who has had to struggle hard to find a foot hold in the big city is now comfortably located in the contemporary art circuit but continues to keep his roots alive by making frequent soul searching visits to the land of his birth.

Awards and Scolarships

1998 National Award, National Academy of Arts, New Delhi, India.
1997  Kanoria Centre for Arts, Ahmedabad, India.
1996 Artist of the Month, Max Muller Bhavan, Chennai, India.
1995 Kerala Lalith Kala Academy, India.
1994-95 Arnawaz Vasudev Trust, Chennai, India
1993 Madhavan Nair Foundation, Kochi, India


SOLO Shows

2009 Aicon Gallery New York
2008 Pallete Art Gallery, New Delhi, India
2006 Pallete Art Gallery, New Delhi, India
2000 The Other Gallery, Banff Centre for Arts, Canada
1999 Academy of Fine Arts and Literature, New Delhi, India
1996 Artist of the month Max Muller Bhavan Chennai, India
1992 Gallery of Contemporary Art Kochi, India
1991 Gallery of Contemporary Art Kochi, India

Two Man Shows

2007 Kashi Art Gallery, Fort Kochi, India
2005 Viart Gallery, New Delhi, India
1998 Apollo Apparao Gallery Mumbai, India

Group Exhibitions

2009 PAC Gallery Cincinatti , USA
2009 1x1 Gallery, Dubai
2008 Ananya, Bajaj Art Capital curated by Ms. Sushma Behl  at Visual Art Gallery,                
India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, India
2008  Continnum, show curated by Ms.Sushma Behl at the Hyatt Regency, New Delhi, India
2008 Pravah art pilgrim, New Delhi India
2008 Visual Art Centre, Hong Kong, show curated by Ms. Bhawana  Kakkar
2008  Trident Hilton, Gurgaon, India show curated by Ms. Bhawana Kakkar
2008 Annual show Indigo Blue, Singapore
2007 Reading paint, Sunflower Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
2007 The Eye within, the Shrine Gallery, New Delhi India
2007 Emerging India, the Henry Moore Gallery, Royal College of Art London presented by Art Alive gallery and S.A. Fine arts London
2007 Harvest, Arushi art, New Delhi India
2007 India on Canvas, New Delhi
2007  Round and Round curated by Ms.Sushma Behl, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, India
2007 High on Art, curated by Ms. Bhavana Kakkar, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi
2007 Meandering Membranes, Empire and the Shrine art gallery. Kolkotta India
2007 Gallery Kolkotta, India
2007 Similarities curated by Ms. Anupama Mehta at Lans Downe Gallery Mumbai, India
2007 Contemporary Art Show in Paris presented by Arushi Art
2006 Annual show, Viart gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, India
2006 New Paradigms III, Threashold Gallery, New Delhi, India
2006 Real 2006, India Habitat centre, New Delhi India
2006 Compensation, Travancore Gallery, New Delhi, India
2006 Art Indus gallery at Sridharani Gallery, New Delhi, India
2006 Art for Prabhat India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, India
2006 Kushii a charitable show and Auction at British Ambassadors House, New Delhi, India
2006 Darbal Hall, Kochi, Kerala, India
2006 Infinit-us, Planet Gallery, Gurgaon, India
2006 Satyagraha, Travancore Art Gallery, New Delhi,
2006 Kizo Art Gallery, South Africa
2005 The second coming. Tao gallery, Mumbai, India
2005 Eternal Recurrence, Hotel Sangri la, New Delhi, India
2005 Art for Prabhat, Palm Court, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, India
2005 Eliments – Travancore House, New Delhi, India
2005 Double-Enderes, Jahangir Art Gallery, Mumbai,
2005 Vadera Gallery, New Delhi,
2005 Sumuka Gallery, Bangalore
2005  Lalit Kala Gallery, Kochi - India
2005 In-cynque – Pallet Gallery, New Delhi, India
2005 India Festival, Milan, Italy
2004 “The Twilight Zone of Digital Divide” an evening with visuals, sounds and objects, West end, New Delhi, India
2004 Suvernarekha – golden jubilee celebration, National Akademy of Arts, Rabindra Bhawan, New Delhi, India
2004  Virat Gallery, New Delhi, India
2004 Definitively Provisional –II Copenhagen, Denmark
2004  11th Asian Art Biannale, Dhaka, Bangladesh
2004 Indian artist for France-French Embassy, New Delhi, India
2004   Median-Epiques Gallery, New Delhi, India
2004  There is a place in the sun- Krishna’s collection gallery, New Delhi, India
2003   Dream Unrealised –Academy of Fine Arts and Literature, New Delhi, India
2003  Definitively Provisional ‘Whitechapel Project Space. Landon
2003  Invasion, open Palm Court, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, India
2003 Krishna’s Collections Gallery, New Delhi, India
2003 Ashoka Hotel, Bangalore, India
2002 Rangeela Sadak, College of Art, Chandigarh, India
2002 CAN Habitat Centre, New Delhi, India
2002 HEAT Habitat Centre, New Delhi, India
2001 Art for Prabhat, Academy of Fine Arts and Literature, New Delhi, India
2001 Welcome Mariot, New Delhi, India
2001 Budha Smiled Again, Intach Gallery, New Delhi, India
2001 Millennium Show, Arushi Art Gallery, New Delhi, India
2001 Small but significant, Academy of Fine Arts, and Literature, New Delhi, India
2001 Diva Art cafe, Academy of Fine Arts and Literature, New Delhi, India
2000 Harmony Show, Mumbai, India
1999 Art Junction, New Delhi, India
1999 Miami Art Festival, Sponsored by Jacob Karpio Gallery Costa Rica
1998 Midnight Art Bazar, Park Royal, New Delhi, India
1998 41st National Academy Exhibition, Rabindra Bhavan, New Delhi, India
1998 All India Drawing Exhibition, Rajasthan Lalit Kala Academy, Jaipur, India
1997  Art wear Show Hussain Doshi Gufa, Ahmedabad, India
1997 An Ode to independence, Post Card Exhibition, Habitat Centre, India and Air Gallery, London
1997  Gallery 47, London
1996 Quay Side Gallery, London
1996 Lalit Kala Academy Regional Exhibition, Chennai, India
1996 Art for Hope, National Exhibition, Bangalore, India
1995 Kerala State Annual Exhibition, Kochi, India
1994 Vimonisha Art Gallery, Chennai, India


2007 Kushii India on Canvas Mumbai
2007 Ashray Art, Charity Art Auction New Delhi
2007 Art curial, Paris, France
2006 Kushii India on Canvas, New Delhi