Anupam Sud

January 15, 1944 - Hoshiarpur, Punjab 


·  1990 Study Tour of USA under CICA Fellowship.

·  1971-72 Print MAking at Slade School ,London(British Council Scholarship).

·  1963-67 Diploma(Fine Arts),College of Art ,New Delhi. 

Anupam Sud is one of the finest printmakers among the new generation of artists in India. Although she has taken up painting on large canvases, mostly in acrylic, her intaglio prints still hold their sway over her paintings. Anupam has been experimenting in different areas of the graphic medium, but what stands out is apparently her effortless infusion of different intaglio processes with screen-printing and lithography.

There is little of the narrowly 'feminist' in her total oeuvre. Instead, her firmly drawn figuration of men and women draw our attention to the general human situation and to psychological tensions between man and woman and that between man and society. A large part of the charm of her intaglio and mixed- media prints lies in her treatment of chiaroscuro.More metaphorical than direct, her work is different from that of traditional printmakers in that she does not rely on the monochromatic quality, inherent in this medium, to make a statement. 

Anupam's work has evolved in phases. From the rather architectural forms, limbs and human figures in the mid 1970s to largely feminist subjects in the late 1970s. 

As one of the founder members of GROUP 8 (1968), Anupam, with her printmaker colleagues, worked through this association to promote and sustain printmaking as an independent, expressive art form. 

Her work has been widely exhibited and appreciated. Apart from over a dozen solo shows all over the world, she has participated in many group exhibitions in cities in the US, UK, Italy, Korea, Switzerland and other countries. She has won numerous national and international awards for her excellence in printmaking. She has also conducted workshops in Canada and Japan. She lives and works in New Delhi.Working mainly with intaglio prints, Sud fuses her knowledge of different intaglio processes with lithography and screen-printing. Her zinc plates breathe with a life, now suggesting the contours of a sculpture, now hinting at the warmth of oils. But at all times restraint seems to be the keynote of her work. While her sympathies and concerns are often feminist, a recurring theme in her work is the common human predicament. Her subjects are often introspective and fatalistic - existing in a world that is falling apart. She acknowledges many influences: her father who had a love for bodybuilding, detective stories, Punjabi theatre, and her mother who appreciated classical music and read the Upanishads. She also grew as an artist under the guidance of Somnath Hore in Delhi, whose work she closely related to. 


·  2011 'Preparatory Assertions - Notes...

Selected Solo Exhibitions

·  2011 'Preparatory Assertions - Notes from Sketch Books', Latitude 28, New Delhi

·  2010 'The Other Self', presented by Art Heritage, New Delhi at Shridharani Gallery, New Delhi

·  2007 'Anupam Sud: A Retrospective', Palette Art Gallery, New Delhi

·  1997 Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai

·  1996 Art Heritage, New Delhi and Pusan, Korea

·  1995 'Four Artists' Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai

·  1994 UG Gallery, New Delhi and Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai

·  1992 Chitrakoot Art Gallery, Kolkata

·  1991 World Bank Art Society, Washington DC.

·  1989 Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai

·  1988 Vithi Gallery, Baroda

·  1967,69 New Delhi

Selected Group Exhibitions

·  2013-14 'Forgotten Figures', Aicon Gallery, New York

·  2011 'Masters Ltd: Limited Editions', Gallery Beyond, Mumbai

·  2011 'Melange', The Harrington Street Arts Centre, Kolkata

·  2010 'Body as Vessel', Art Alive Gallery, New Delhi

·  2009 'Mark of Masters -2', Art and Soul, Mumbai

·  2009 'The Body as Vessel', Art Alive, New Delhi

·  2003 'Of Memories, Dreams, Reveries', Anant Art Gallery, New Delhi

·  2001 'Palette 2001', Palette Art Gallery, New Delhi

·  2001 'The Human Factor', The Guild, Mumbai

·  1998 3 Person show at Taunsstein, Germany and Guild Art Gallery, Mumbai

·  1998 Ashraya in Sharjan, Dubai

·  1997 'Indian Contemporary Art, Post Independence', Exhibition organised by Vadhera Art Gallery, New Delhi

·  1997 'A Tide of High Spirts', Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi

·  1997 ''Women Artists of India': A Celebration of Independence', Mills College Art Gallery, Oakland, U.S.A

·  1997 'Colours of Independence', National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi

·  1996 'Contemporary Indian Paintings : from the Chester & Dravida Herwitz Collection, Part II, Sotheby's Auction, New York

·  1995 Back to the future 1989 - 2005, Gallery Espace, New Delhi

·  1995 '21 Artists', Group Show at All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society (AIFACS), New Delhi

·  1995 15 Women Artists, National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA), New Delhi

·  1994 Art Heritage,New Delhi.

·  1994 LTG Gallery, New Delhi. c

·  1993 'Reflections & Images', Organized by Vadhera Art Gallery at Vadhera Art Gallery, New Delhi and Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai

·  1985 'Indian Printmaking Today', Mumbai

·  1977 'Pictorial Space', Rabindra Bhavan, Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi.


·  2013 'The Naked and the Nude: The Body in Indian Modern Art', Delhi Art Gallery, New Delhi

·  2011 'Ethos V: Indian Art Through the Lens of History (1900 to 1980), Indigo Blue Art, Singapore

·  2011 'Red', Palette Art Gallery, New Delhi

·  2010 'Art Celebrates 2010: Sports and the City', represented by Gallery Art Motif at Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi to coincide with the hosting of the Commonwealth Games

·  2010 'Contemporary Printmaking In India', presented by Priyasri Art Gallery, Mumbai at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai; Priyasri Art Gallery, Mumbai

·  2007 'Harmony Show', Nehru Centre, Mumbai

·  1986 International Biennale of Plastic Arts,Algiers

·  1986 8th International Print Triennale,G.D.R

·  1986 Inter-Asian Biennale Ankara, Turkey.

·  1983 'India in Druck', Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam

·  1981 Asian Art Exhibition, Bangaladesh

·  1979-81 IV,V Biennale, Valparasio, Chile

·  1975,78 III,IV International Triennale, Rabindra Bhavan, Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi.

·  1974 Florence Biennale.

·  1973 National Exhibition, Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi.

·  1973 Ljubljana Biennale, Yugoslavia.

Honours and Awards

·  1996 Award from 'Adharshila', A Group of Journalists, Writers and Artists, New Delhi

·  1995 International Print Biennale, Bharat Bhawan,Bhopal

·  1995 President of India's Silver Plaque of 65th and 66th All India Annual Art Exhibition, All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society (AIFACS), Special Award, New Delhi

·  1994 Certificate at Egyptian International Print Biennale

·  1990 Study Tour of USA under Centre for International Contemporary Arts (CICA) Fellowship.

·  1980,84 Award Sahitya Kala Parishad,

·  1968 Founder Member,'Group B'.