20.08.22 to 10.09.22


August 20th-September 10th, 2022


In this cultural moment of transition, each work is a source of inspiration from the recent past and a guiding perspective for the future. This suite of works is a melange of materials and mediums and cutting edge expositions that talk about trends in design and art history and the power of history in an artist's psyche. In picking up works of an emerging bouquet of artists the idea is to look at a range of philosophies and artistic languages that bring together a kinetic reckoning of aesthetics.
Rajesh Ram juxtaposes  man and animal forms which evokes moods and emotive evocation. Narayan Biswas' architectural tenor is a travel through time.
Saravanan Parasuraman explores spirituality as a grounding mechanism while Ganesh Selvaraj' works reveal mood and motion. C.Bhagyanath creates multiple urban allegories through his work.
Consisting of hypnotic patterns, Yuvan Bothysathuvar works have a bright intensity of color which makes us think of pop art. 
Apurba Nandi' teeming millions recreated in minutes enquires our own sense of existence in the social fabric.
R Magesh creates  light boxes revealing the power dynamics and the inequalities of the socio- political structures. For Joydip Acharjee the changing urban landscape is a bridge between the past and the present.
The artistic expressions allow these artists to question the past , and look forward to the future with new visions and voices.