India Art Fair 2022 | Palette Art Gallery.
28.04.22 to 01.05.22


28th April – 1st May 2022 at the NSIC exhibition grounds, Okhla.

Apurba Nandi | C Bhagyanath | Ganesh Selvaraj | Harmeet Rattan | Himmat Shah

Jignesh Panchal | Joydeep Acharjee | Narayan Biswas | Om Soorya | Prasad KP

R Magesh | Rajesh Ram | Riyas Komu | Saravanan Parasuraman | Sonal Varshneya

Sumedh Rajendran | Vipul Kumar | Yuvan Bothysathuvar



Palette’s offering consists of painterly abstraction, key as well as integral  philosophical themes from  earlier phantasmal narrative paintings that undergo transformations and reiterations in an artist’s evolution.


Paintings, sculptures, installations and etchings—this post pandemic palette is a sumptuous spread of compositional clarity, that sifts and sieves the very tenets of primordial dualities that got composed in response to everyday idioms and expression.


Begin with the pensive, powerful portraits of Riyas Komu —these feminine studies are the stuff of deep emotions, and evocatively  charged expressions.Om Surya’s circular orbs combine in the richly painted codes of spiritual elements the many moods of meditation and harmony explored in the vignettes of time and tide.Apurba Nandi’s teeming millions recreated in minute multiples offer the world as a site for symbolism, where paint is a vehicle for fantasy even amid a threadbare workspace. 


Ganesh Selvaraj’s striations, circles and kinetic combinations revel in mood and motion while Yuvan Bothysathuvar presents the translation of a spiral in a spiral, a wheel within a wheel. Harmeet Rattan goes beyond the magnitude of the earth to explore incandescent tales of terrestrial nuances draped in neon shades.Yet another eclectic mix of of chromatic melding together in meditative swirls is Saravanan Parasuraman’s alchemical moorings in paper, synthetic resin, adhesive and metal coat on plywood. 


C.Bhagyanath creates a psychedelic  vision of multiple urban allegories while R Magesh’s trio of monochromatic light boxes reveal the splendour of inquisitive queries about light and darkness .Prasad KP’s resonance filled canvas creates connotations of complexities of the earth’s crust and relief features sponged into patches of earthy identities.


The feminine fervour etchings of Sonal Varshneya are a fiesta of feet that have  painted nails  but go through seminal chapters in the lives of the women she portrays.Ready to Red Carpet is also about different ailments and transitions of dermatological aberrations.


Sculptural forays 


Sumedh Rajendran’s Still Water, an irresistible connotation with equivocal elements made of bronze and stone is a masterpiece in the alchemy of different things that happen to a human being. If it echoes key philosophical themes then there are also transformations of acceptance through winds of change. 


 Rajesh Ram’s man and animal brings in a hybrid juxtaposition of moods and emotive evocations. Vipul Kumar’s Ganesha is born of many experiences that destroy and create a decadent form that has been transformed into an idiom of impermanence, while his Buddhasatwa is born of the spiritual echo of nirgun poets. 

Narayan Biswas’s architectural tenor is one of precision and perfection within multi storied dimensions that run through time.