12.08.21 to 01.10.21

Apurba Nandi has completed his MFA (Sculpture) from the prestigious Faculty of Fine Arts at the MS University, Baroda. Since then, Nandi has established his artistic presence through various exhibitions in Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Pune, England, Kochi, Baroda and New Delhi. His works were exhibited at Latitude 28 (New Delhi), Aakriti Art Gallery (Kolkata), and the 9th Harmony Show (Mumbai). Nandi has been awarded the Grant of Scholarship from Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi in 2006. 




The images of the multitude in Apurba Nandi's solo show captivate the voyage of a mysterious collective of faceless masses, towards uncertain destinations. Multitude becomes the important protagonist of his new body of works. We witness the flow of innumerable human bodies on the canvas, concealing the markers of caste and religion, refusing to be categorised into any social and religious strata. This visual phenomenon of collective bodies huddled together and moving from all directions could be part of the urban life of Mumbai, Shanghai, New York, Sao Paulo or anywhere else in the world. It could be a repetitive daily experience from any of these places. Nandi reconstructs the way we look at the urban crowd in his unique visual language. We walk through a landscape where faceless conjoined bodies lead us to stories of the lives of the many. His images present a vantage, over which the thoughts of each viewer can unfurl. Each viewer can undertake their separate courses to uncertain destinations, along with the movement of the multitude, imagining themselves as part of the landscape.


Premjish Achari

Art Critic & Writer